Company profile

EuroCARE GmbH Bonn is a consultancy focusing on agricultural and environmental policy issues. The close interlinkage with the Institute for Food and Resource Economics, department Economic and Agricultural Policy, of the University of Bonn, guarantees academic collaboration on a high level. Project teams are selected according to requirements. Our expert pool consists of four permanent staff members, EuroCARE partners and other experts from EU Member States.

EuroCARE Bonn was founded in Bonn in 2000 as the successor of EuroCARE Luxemburg/Bonn, which had focussed on consultancy services for the European Commission's DG "Agriculture and Rural Development" since the 1990. By now, EuroCARE's main customers are various public and private organisations that deal with agricultural and environmental policy or are affected by it.

EuroCARE analyses rely most frequently on applications of the CAPRI model. The comprehensive approach of the CAPRI model considers economic and environmental interrelations of production activities and their effects on markets in Europe and globally. The model integrates statistical and technical information from various sources, among which Eurostat is the most important one. Completed projects include outlook work for agriculture as well as several analyses of the potential effects, economic and environmental, of reforming the EU's CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) and environmental or climate policies.