During the SUPREMA Project numerous qualitative and quantitative outputs have been generated which are described in detail in the related Deliverables to be found in the folder Deliverables sorted by Work Package.

In the testing phase simulations based on the selected narratives have been conducted that refer to the medium-term narrative up to 2030 that is CAP related and addresses shifts in consumer demand (D3.2) and to a long-term narrative up to 2050 which climate change and mitigation related (D3.3). For each narrative a separate baseline was established and the baselines generated by the different models were compared (D3.1). Parts of the quantitative work have been condensed into some sort snapshots for quick overviews.          

However, detailed insights are only provided by the deliverables of WP3


Baseline Assumptions for Models within the SUPREMA project Download here

Assumptions with Respect to the Medium-term CAP and Meat Consumption Scenarios within the SUPREMA project Download here 

Assumptions with Respect to the Long-term Climate Mitigation Scenarios within the SUPREMA project Download here

Outcomes of the Medium-term CAP Related Scenarios of the SUPREMA Project Download here


Frank, S., Havlík, P., Tabeau, A., van Meijl, H., Witzke, H.P., Valin, H., Brouwer, F., (2019) Impact of climate mitigation policies on the EU agricultural sector in the perspective of Sustainable Development Goals: An integrated modeling approach. Updated Abstract of a presentation at the 172nd EAAE Seminar ‘Agricultural policy for the environment or environmental policy for agriculture?’, 28-29 May 2019, Brussels, Belgium
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Flyer Suprema Toolbox (PDF, 1.9 MB)

Flyer Suprema Model Outcomes (PDF, 1.5 MB)

Presentation of the SUPREMA project at the Coordinators’ Day, held on 2018, June 15th, in Brüssels (Session on Bioeconomy) - (PDF, 725 KB)