During the SUPREMA project, three stakeholder workshops were conducted to gain insights into stakeholders’ perception on future challenges of the agri-food sector and related policies with respect to (i) their needs for model-based analyses and to (ii) their priorities. Also requirements of evidence-based policy making were captured; shortcomings of current policy analysis and outcomes identified. Applying a participatory approach by involving stakeholders ensured that insights from the “real” world would be considered in the SUPREMA modelling platform and in the planned model simulations.

Workshop Needs

In particular, the 1st Stakeholder Workshop "Needs" aimed to achieve a better understanding of the challenges and needs posed to the future development of models and model-based support for policy actions. The discussions focussed on agri-food systems and policies influencing agri-food systems locally, nationally and on a global scale. The participants identified future societal demands on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and climate related policies. These challenges and needs have been pursued in model-based policy analysis for an evidence-based decision making. This analysis also illustrated the ability of the SUPREMA tool to run scenarios under a medium-term perspective until 2030 as well as under a long-term perspective until 2050. Stakeholders depicted a number of requirements to shape future developments of quantitative models to better deal with challenges and needs for policy support. They also defined priorities for model improvements and model-related actions.

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pic needs

For each topic: the four most prioritized challenges seen by stakeholders