Deliverable D4.1

This deliverable reports on the progress in SUPREMA during the first three months of the project. It includes a summary of the discussions during the kick-off meeting of the project team (January 23 & 24, 2018), the meeting of the Executive Board (24 January 2018) and the first meeting of the External Advisory Board (March 1, 2018). The challenges to SUPREMA include:

  • Policies have had to widen the scope of their main objectives to take account of new challenges: (i) climate change (Paris agreement, COP21); the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); and (iii) new issues of interest (e.g. the working of supply chains)
  • Policies be informed by model outputs (Impact Assessment)
  • Current models are not able to deal with the increasingly complex environment (interlinkages) and the broader scope.
  • Research needed to reduce the gap between the expectations of policy makers and the capacity of existing models.

SUPREMA delivers a roadmap for future directions for agricultural modelling in Europe. Our solution is:

  • SUPREMA establishes a meta-platform that supports modelling groups linked already through various other platforms\networks.
  • The SUPREMA model family includes a set of established ‘core models’.The models are policy relevant and offer the perspective for model enhancement and an enhanced linked system in a few focus areas to answer new policy questions and therefore better meeting the expectations by policy makers.
  • Future directions of modelling will be explored and tested through coordinated scenario applications (baseline, policies).

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Deliverable D4.1 (PDF)


Deliverable D4.2

At the launch, the website describes the set-up of the SUPREMA project. It is a central tool for dissemination, exchange and development of the consortium identity. Currently it covers information on the Project itself, the Partnership, the Output, a section ‘Contact Us’, and the Legal notice. With respect to the project description the website depicts Overview, Objective, Approach, Solution, and Work Plan. Within the duration of SUPREMA the project’s website will also be extended when more information will become available.

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Deliverable D4.2 (PDF)


Deliverable D4.3

This deliverable presents the Data Management Plan (DMP) on open access data handling by SUPREMA. Here, Open access (OA) refers to the practice of providing on-line access to scientific information that is free of charge to the end-user and reusable. ‘Scientific’ refers to all academic disciplines. In the context of research & innovation, ‘scientific information’ can mean: (i) peer-reviewed scientific research articles (published in scholarly journal) or (ii) research data (data underlying publications, curated and raw data) (European Commission, 2017). For SUPREMA, the DMP is defined as ‘the development, execution and supervision of plans, policies, programmes and practices that control, protect, deliver and enhance the value of data and information assets’ obtained.

This report describes the management of the research data collected and generated during the project, and after it is completed. This also includes data to be generated, methodologies and standards, data privacy/openness, and preservation measures.

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Deliverable D4.3 (PDF)