Deliverable D2.1


Regular database updates and improvements occupy major resources in modelling. SUPREMA enhances possibilities of comparisons and its potential sharing and harmonisation. A first step provides mappings starting with a stock-taking from previous mapping activities (e.g. AGRICISTRADE, AgMIP, AgClim50). A further section identifies sets of policy, environmental, economic and social areas that are critical for current model (scenario) applications with respect to Testing the SUPREMA model family and secondly, that have been mentioned as important for future research by stakeholders in the WP1 workshop on Challenges, needs and communication – topics for model improvements, applications and dissemination. Depending on upcoming policy questions, either a stand-alone model or a combination of models is then will be applied to give insight into the topic. While standard data updates are not part of SUPREMA, this Deliverable D2.1 identifies useful opportunities for productive communication and data exchange.

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Deliverable D2.1 (PDF)


Deliverable D2.3

This deliverable is based on contributions from each of the modelling team of the SUPREMA toolbox. Each of the teams will disseminate its individual model improvements to the scientific community at those workshops and conferences where the topic is applicable. Outcomes of the model improvements will be presented at the third Stakeholder Workshop which will be held in early 2020.

For each model a number of improvements for the individual models are planned. They will cover a wide range of improvements which are necessary to conduct the planned Narrative scenarios and take-up some of the priorities identified by stakeholders. Hence, not all priorities can be taken up, as data is not available, implementation will require more efforts and time, or additional research is required. The plan is quite ambitious and it realisation in some cases will depend on the speed on the progress and data access. For AGMEMOD is foreseen the expansion and improvement of the existing market expert network, improved representation of the price transmission mechanism, a better representation of agricultural policies, improved representation of environmental regulation/constraints and an alignment with shared socio-economic pathways until 2050. With respect to CAPRI it is planned to improve the integration across spatial scales, to undertake further steps to broaden activity and land-use representation in non-EU countries, to improve mitigation modelling and to represent better adoption of new technologies by farmers. The plans for GLOBIOM comprise an expanded representation of SDGs with a focus on SDGs related to the environment and production and to cover extreme weather events. In MAGNET, it is foreseen to improve the representation of SDGs with a focus on SDGs related to socio-economic issues, cover extreme weather events, to improved land use change representation and the adoption of technologies so as to account for innovation.

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Deliverable D2.3 (PDF)